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Traveling around the world, I have planned a lot of trips and below you will find some of my favorite travel related resources. These websites have helped me with making things a lot easier for my travels from getting travel insurance, providing wonderful travel guides for my chosen destination locations, booking flights, hotel accommodations and activities/adventures. These sites are a great place to start while saving yourself some time and money. Continue to check back for updates regularly as I will update the list as I come across more great websites that can save you time and money for travel. Enjoy the journey.


  • TripAdvisorTRIP ADVISOR When researching for a trip, most travelers start with Trip Advisor. It is a great resource to research locations, activities, accommodations and get general info on locations all over the world. 





  • SQUAREMOUTH Travel Insurance, like any insurance, is one of those things that you often don’t think about until you need it but, it’s essential. Squaremouth offers BOTH Single Trip and Annual travel insurance policies which can cover more than one trip. They have lots of policies from many different companies to do wait until you need it, get your travel insurance with Squaremouth before you take off.


  • lonely_planet_@2xLONELY PLANET Some of the best and most detailed guidebooks available are created by Lonely Planet. They cover almost every destination that you can think of covering 195 countries. Their guidebooks can help you save time, money and aggravation by providing you with all the need to know and want to know things about your travel destinations. Great info, photos and maps, get your info packed guidebooks here.



  • banner_domore125x125VIATOR – Schedule your International and US trip adventures all in one spot. Viator offers great packages for all types of adventures and activities all over the world from zip-lining, ATV, Horseback riding to bus tours of local sites in many cities and towns around the world. Check them out and book your activities in advance before heading out of town for your next trip, it makes things a lot easier. I’ve used Viator to book my activities on multiple occasions both on my domestic and global travels.


  • CityPassCITY PASS – If you are traveling within the US or Toronto, Canada, it’s a great idea to check to see if your destination is a CityPass location: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle, Southern California, Tampa. CityPass gives you a bundled discount rate over buying tickets separately at popular attractions in various cities, you buy your pass and pick your activities then you have a set number of days to visit each of your preferred attractions… and the best thing is you get to skip the ticket lines. Just show your CityPass and go have fun! I used a CityPass to see the sites throughout Atlanta and saved money over if I had purchased each of the attractions separately: CNN Center, World of Coca Cola, Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta Zoo, Fernbank Museum.


  • GO CITY CARD – Get discounts up to 55% on attractions in top cities around the US: Boston, Chicago, Los Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, Oahu, Orlando, San Diego, San Francisco and Washington D.C. You can choose how many days you want to get a pass for and go out and explore. I got a GoCard when I was in Chicago and had a blast exploring many of the sites throughout the city. Get going, get your GoCard for your next trip.



  • skyscanner_@2x SKYSCANNER – I typically start with Skyscanner when searching for flights options, their prices are usually among the cheapest available. Plus, I especially love the “Everywhere” option… don’t know where you want to go for your next trip, put in your departure airport and then “Everywhere” for the destination along with your dates of travel, Skyscanner will pull up all of the places that you can go allowing you to narrow your options by price or location.


  • vayama_@2xVAYAMA – A great website to start your search for international flights. It’s one of my go to sites for booking international travel tickets and you can often find fares for much cheaper than on other websites.




  • googleflight@2xGOOGLE FLIGHTS It’s always a great idea to check Google Flights when booking flights, it’s a great resources for flights both domestic and international.





  • momondo_@2x MOMONDO – Another awesome website to check out for International flights plus, the site just looks cool. Results can be pulled up by ticket or timetable and it shows you the quickest route or cheapest flight. There’s a great tool, the Trip Finder, which can pull up trips by personalized details like budget, weather or mood and can make suggestions.




  • hotels HOTELS.COM – Find great deals on hotels all over the globe with Hotels.com. You can earn a free night with their Rewards program as well as well as get special pricing deals. A great site to check out for your hotel accommodations.



  • Booking BOOKING.COM – Great site to book your travel, provides budget friendly travel choices for hotel accommodations.








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